Cu Chi Tunnels Tour By Car Or Scooter – History Tour ( Small Group)

The Cu Chi Tunnels Tour introduces its historical significance during the Vietnam War. It offers a unique opportunity to explore the renowned underground tunnel system, which gained fame after the war. Visitors can learn about its intricate workings and how it effectively withstood the destructive power of numerous bomb attacks from the US military.

These are the highlights of the trip and what you will do with us:

1. Explore an underground system of rooms, hospitals, and weapons factories
2. Crawl through the very narrow tunnels, Gain more knowledge of Vietnam’s history, tradition, and culture as well
3. Taste the local foods that Vietnam soldiers ate during wartime
4. Watch a short documentary film about Cu Chi Tunnels during the war
5. Try to shoot with AK47 or MK16 riffles in a well-supervised area (optional with surcharge)


  • Bottled water
  • Hot Tea
  • Light snack with tapioca and tea at Cu Chi Tunnels
  • The entrance fee is 5$ USD = 125 000 VND



  • Free pick up and drop off from your hotel doorstep in Central Districts 1,3, and 4.
  • Other local districts will be picked up at the Saigon Opera House, Or you can pay the extra 7$ USD for the pick up and drop off service at your hotel address.

Photography and other

  • Rain poncho.
  • Air-conditioned Bus
  • English Speaking Guide
  • Accident Insurance
  • You can combine the City Tour, or the Mekong Delta after visiting the Tunnels. Just let me know to discuss and you can pay extra to do it.
  • If you are interested in doing the tour by Scooter, it is 69$ USD per person. You can pay the extra to request this.
  • This tour is a group tour, you will join the small luxurious group, a maximum of 12 people. If your group above 4 people, I can conduct the private tour for you without any extra costs.
  • Cu Chi Area which is located away the Ho Chi Minh City about 60KM

Cancellation policy

  • Guests can cancel for a full refund 24 hours before the Experience starts.

Get picked up at the meeting place or your hotel address. We will travel beyond the typical city tourist spots to a local neighborhood of Cu Chi, where you feel tranquil, peaceful, and happy while driving through many green rice fields, rubber plantations, and water buffalos.

Documentary Film and Tunnel Diagram: Watching a documentary film about the Vietnam War provides context and insight into the historical significance of the Cu Chi Tunnels. Following this, viewing diagrams of the tunnels’ construction and layout, including various sections like kitchens, bedrooms, storage areas, weapons factories, field hospitals, and command centers, helps visitors understand the complexity and functionality of the tunnel network.

Booby Traps and Tunnel Exploration: Exploring booby traps and trapdoors adds an element of adventure to the tour. The highlight of the trip, crawling and walking through the cramped and narrow passageways of the tunnels, offers a firsthand experience of the conditions faced by soldiers during the war. Reconstructed chambers provide a glimpse into life within the tunnels during wartime.

Handmade Weapons and Traps: Learning about handmade weapons and traps used by local guerrillas during the Vietnam War offers insight into the resourcefulness and ingenuity of the Vietnamese fighters. Understanding how everyday items were repurposed for survival and combat enhances visitors’ appreciation for the resilience of the Vietnamese people during the conflict.

Tea and Tapioca: Enjoying hot tea and tapioca, which served as guerilla food during the war, provides a taste of the local cuisine and offers a moment of relaxation after the immersive tunnel experience. This culinary aspect adds a sensory dimension to the tour, allowing visitors to connect with the culture and history of the region through food.

Optional Shooting Range Visit: For visitors interested in additional activities, a visit to the shooting range offers the opportunity to experience firing historic firearms at an extra cost. This optional activity provides a hands-on experience related to the military history of the area and can be a thrilling addition to the tour for those interested in firearms or marksmanship.

Return to Ho Chi Minh City: After completing the tour activities, the group will return to Ho Chi Minh City, concluding the excursion. This allows visitors to reflect on their experiences and provides ample time to rest and relax after a day of exploration.

Overall, this itinerary offers a comprehensive and immersive experience of the Cu Chi Tunnels, combining historical education, adventure, cultural immersion, and optional recreational activities for visitors to enjoy.

We will pick you up at following locations:

  • Pick up and drop off included in central districts 1, 3, and 4.
  • Other local districts, we will meet at the Saigon Opera House that is our meeting place.